An Open Letter to Surfing the Nations

My name is Brent Baccala. Some of you know me only as the man in the white robe holding the sign that reads “Surfing the Nations is a Fraud”. I don’t particularly like the sign, but it’s been given to me by God. I’d rather just stand in front of Surfer’s Church with a microphone and preach, but Tom Bower will not allow that to happen. Let me explain, briefly, my history with STN, tell you what has happened over the last month, and summarize the message that I wish you to hear.

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Corrupt Education

I recently toyed with going back to school for graduate study in mathematics, going so far as to apply to a university. I won’t parade all the details, but I think it was a positive experience. I reached an epiphany, a conclusion that I’ve been resisting for years, but have finally accepted:

A university is a corrupt institution.

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