Kyle's Resume PictureKyle X. Hourihan

Palo Alto, California


Kyle X. Hourihan is the Technical Courseware Development Manager and Trainer for Nokia Enterprise Solutions (Formerly Nokia Internet Communications) in Mountain View, California.  He designs, writes and teaches Nokia's internal and external training material.  He conducts Train-the-Trainer sessions for Nokia Authorized Training Partners as well as high end training for Nokia's internal R&D and TACs (Telephone Assistance Centers).  Kyle has been working in Network Security since 1999, and previously worked for 3Com as a senior Instructor and Developer for their Carrier Systems Division (Commworks).  He started off his career working as a programmer writing code for Cisco IOS  implementing routing protocols and performing software QA on their routers.  Kyle earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park    He also co-authored and edited several books on security:

Nokia Book  Nokia Security Solutions Handbook (Co-author, January 2003)

Check Point NG VPN-1/Firewall-1: Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting  Check Point NG VPN-1/Firewall-1: Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting (Editor, April 2003)

Book Cover  Check Point NG VPN-1/Firewall-1: Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting (Editor, April 2003)

Kyle is also co-author of the award winning website, (, a comprehensive source of Internet engineering information, as well as one of the Internet's better sites, clocking in with over 5000 HTML pages and more than 100 MB of on-line material. Now residing in Palo Alto, California, Kyle enjoys traveling, sailing and motorcycling.

The Present:

February 2003 - Present
Course Development Manager, Nokia Enterprise Solutions, Mountain View, CA
Manages course development team that  creates and delivers course material for Channel Partners and internal audiences.  Manages and maintains an Authorized Training Partner network that delivers internally developed courses to end users.  Course Topics include: VPN, IPSEC, SMTP, IPSO OS, DHCP, GPRS, ESMTP, DNS, Enterprise Mobility Software, Checkpoint Firewall, Mail Antivirus and Spam Prevention, Secure Remote Access.

The Past:

January 2000 - February 2003
Technical Training, Nokia Internet Communication, Mountain View, CA
Design, write and teach Nokia's internal and external training material.  Conducts Train-the-Trainer sessions for Nokia Authorized Training Partners as well as high end training for Nokia's internal R&D and TACs (Telephone Assistance Centers).   Topics include VPN, IPSEC, Checkpoint Firewall,  Mail Antivirus and Spam Prevention, Nokia IPSO Operating System, SSL and SSL Gateways.

July 1999 - December 1999
Technical Trainer, IPivot Inc., San Diego, CA
Wrote and designed sales and technical courseware for IPivot's load balancing and offloaded SSL products.  Helped present technical presentations to interested VCs and eventually  to Intel who purchased IPivot in November 1999.

May 1997 - July 1999
Senior Network Trainer (IV), 3com Corporation, San Diego, CA
Consult with high profile customers to analyze their unique training requirements.  Design, develop and deliver the most appropriate training solution to meet those requirements.  Teach internal employees and customers the newest technologies and the most complex new products and product enhancements.  Maintain a high level of technical competency by consulting with R&D and system engineers on new products and major product enhancements.  Define training requirements and help design and develop new training courses on the newest technologies and the most complex new products and product enhancements.  Evaluate and approve the readiness of new instructors and consultants.  Evaluate new equipment for training and certification labs.  Determine the most efficient and effective lab configurations.  Courses developed and taught include technology courses such as:  TCP/IP, PPP, Frame Relay, Channelized T1/PRI, RADIUS protocol, RIP/RIPv2, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and Product courses for 3com Router Installation and Configuration, Cable Modem Telco-Return Headend System, Virtual Private Networking (Remote LAN Dial), RAS and Enhanced RAS Configuration and Support.
September 1996 - May 1997
Advanced Technical Trainer (III), US Robotics Inc.  Skokie, IL
Develop and conduct customized network training classes targeted towards customers’ specific network environment and needs.  Topics include technology training such as Frame Relay, TCP/IP, PPP, ISDN, Routing Protocols and Theory, T1, PRI  and other Telco related subjects.  Other product related courses pertaining  to the US Robotics Total Control Chassis.  Train resellers, end users and internal employees how to install, configure, troubleshoot and support high end and complex products.  Training is conducted internationally,  in company facilities, hotels and on customer premises.  Evaluate and train other technical instructors.   Fee-based training service provides a revenue stream for the company.

October 1995 - September 1996
Systems Engineer, Inacom, Inc. San Diego, CA
Deliver consulting,integration, and troubleshooting expertise in a wide range Computer Network  Systems, including but not limited to TCP/IP, NT, Netware, Unix, and Macintosh.

January 1995 - February 1998
Consultant/Trainer/Webmaster, Freelance
Perform freelance consulting/training in a wide range of TCP/IP, NT, Netware, Unix, and httpd/html-related topics. Currently Kyle is the Webmaster for four websites.

January 1994 - January 1996
Consultant/Trainer, Mesa Consulting, L.C., Arlington, VA
Provide Unix, TCP/IP, Netware 3.x and 4.x, C and C++ expertise on a consulting and training basis.  Develop and teach courses such as NFS, TCP/IP and C++ as well as Novell CNE and ECNE courses. Provide expertise on installation and administration of Cisco routing hardware and Unix administration.  Responsible for design and  administration of a W3 server and associated services.

January 1994 - October 1995
Trainer, Systems Coordinators, Inc., Reston, VA
Provide Novell CNE, ECNE, TCP/IP, and C++ programming training on a consultant basis.

July 1992 - January 1994
Consultant, Chesapeake Computer Consultants Inc., Annapolis, MD
Provide Unix and TCP/IP networking expertise on a consulting basis. Tasks which have undertaken include implementation of a client/server socket-based router discovery protocol, network management and administration, router and communication server testing and documentation for Cisco Systems, network design and analysis, network management, fax modem software development, and document image storage and retrieval systems.

Available On Request