Episode IV: The Final Chapter

Well... I am on the plane back home to the USA... well first Bangkok, Singapore then Los Angeles -- its been a good trip, but I am looking forward to getting home.

I took a day trip to Phi Phi Island (fi-fi eye-land) off the cost of the Phuket peninsula.  It was beautiful, the water warm and crystal clear.  They took us there in a high speed hydro-foil that made about 40 knots.  I wish I would have taken some pictures of the harbor, where the fishing boats were moored.  They were listing (sp?) at about 35' angle laden with fish and seafood.  Once at dock, they have a movable chute swing over to the boat and pour ice all over the day's catch.

Once we got to the island they had us get onto these boats to get to shore.  Later in the day I met some folks from San Diego, and we took a boat out to the island you see behind us and did a scuba dive through the coral reels out there.

Here you can see the speedboats ferrying the people back to our hydrofoil (in background).

Here you can see the slim tourists make their way back to the hydrofoil, as you can see they have a state of the art loading dock people used to get aboard the boat.  I had to push the boat off the sand to get them going ;) .

Here I am at an open-air bar petting my endangered species pet Peregrine falcon (I kept my hand there in case he went Hitchcock on my and went for an eye).  I am sure I will get a lot of grief from the greenies out there :)

Here I am with one of the Australian women I met up with out there (left) and my new ladyman friend (middle) at one of the "trany" bars.  These "girls" put on a dancing show, then put on a head-dress and walked around and took pictures with the guests for 50 cents.

This snap shot isn't the clearest, but its inside a courtyard surrounded with bars.  These little guys packed em in, then beat the crap out of each other.  They used gloves thinner than iso-toners, and no padding on the feet.  The little guy in the back ended up with the fight, he had two KO's and won the match.  I had a ring-side seat, and let me tell you, they were hitting to KO, for a lot of these kids this is the way out of the ghettos for them.  After the match, both the winner and the loser walked through the crowds asking for cash.

And here is my last picture, saying Good-bye to you all... I am finishing this webpage from my home in San Diego... I just wanted to thank you all for your emails, they were nice to read when I was far from home.  Until my next trip, bye!