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DBRI (AT&T T7259) data sheet

Lucent's DBRI (Dual Basic Rate ISDN) chip is used in several SPARC models for both ISDN and audio. I've improved (but not completed) the DBRI implementation in the Linux kernel. The code is available in the standard Linux source tree as drivers/sbus/audio/dbri.[ch]

My information about the chip comes mainly from a copy of a copy of the DBRI data sheet. To facilitate others working on this code, I've transcribed the data sheet and am providing it here in electronic form. The "source code" (HTML and FIG) is largely unnecessary; the PDF should be adequate for almost any purpose. Please email me any typos, and let me know if you find an "official" version of this data sheet.

Brent Baccala
January 7, 2000