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Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 23:50:55 -0700

 I wonder as I read your essay and responses regarding it, if maybe the point is missed. Is capitalism compatible with christianity , is communism? Is anything? Thats what I wonder. Did Christ set his thought beside others or above? Did He say "render to ceaser" because he was copacetic to taxation? Did he buy food at market with money he earned or did he usually create it out of nothing? Would He be strenuosly opposed to marx while rubbing eldows with adam smith? Wasn't our lord a sublime and ironic contrast to the daily hubbub of premodern economic life and by 'economic' I mean any monetary system existing as a guide for disrtibuting wealth between a particular society's consumers. Did He care that the money always migrated to the top of the food chain. Did he care that the Romans overtaxed his people? Was it proper for Christ to pay his taxes with 'fishey-money' or did he live outside this system of commerce to lay bare the kings new duds? As you have properly perceived already I do consider Christ as the eternal outsider. Why? Why sould He not accept the way we run buisness, why do I suspect He is mightily ashamed with His laodicean namesakes? He was different, unique, weird, unruly at times, Jesus was God out of our box! Well you may say that through his blood and your faith you have houdini'd the box yourself. But wait, define the box please. As you will soon see you have escaped your sinful chains but all people people christian or non are bound by the system that locks up their food. In the former soviet russia they waited in line for food and life's amenities in 'God's' star spangled America we trade our best (in labor and self-effort) for money which we take to Giant Eagle and wait in the same line for our food. Is it just me or did Lenin simplify it. Hey were not communists or captialists were Christians. That's right as opposed to every other system of man. Not unlike the amish who never left the bronx. You never heard of them, you know its sad neither have I.

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