Re: Christianity Endorses Capitalism

From: Brent Baccala <>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 01:09:42 -0500

Thanks for your reply!

> Philip Bartlett wrote:
> Christianity not only does not condemn capitalism, it COMMANDS
> capitalism. For the civil magistrate to go beyond his role as God's
> minister of justice according to His Word (including the stoning
> statutes), and become a redistribution center is considered tyrannous
> and sinful by God.

I agree. Christianity does not command us to give to the government so
it can give to the poor; it does not command us to give to the church so
it can take care of the needy; it commands _us_ as individuals. "Give
to all those who beg from you" does not invoke any civil magistrate; it
is a direct command to each of us.

> God's ministers are not to go beyond their
> appointed roles. While I would certainly agree we must be generous to
> the poor, to declare that capitalism as a system is evil is simply far
> flung and false. Capitalism properly applied with voluntary charity
> is thoroughly christian.

What I perceive in capitalist society is a philosophy of social
darwinism; each man for himself; trade secrets, hoarding, a flat out
"no" to requests not accompanied with a credit card. Are the airlines
voluntarily charitable? the supermarkets? the gas stations? the
software makers? Some small proprietors, yes, but the overwhelming
majority of social institutions, both business and government, seem to
me to reject charity, unless someone else is giving it.

The solution is not some government system imposed by fiat. The
solution is for us as individuals and leaders in society to put
Christianity into effect in every aspect of our daily lives...

                                        Brent Baccala
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