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6.7. Usage Example

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6.7. Usage Example

6.7. Usage Example

Consider how a capabilities statement for an agent might be described:

    PRODUCT-RELEASE      "ACME Agent release 1.1 for 4BSD"
    STATUS               current
    DESCRIPTION          "ACME agent for 4BSD"

    SUPPORTS             SNMPv2-MIB
        INCLUDES         { systemGroup, snmpGroup, snmpSetGroup,
                           snmpBasicNotificationsGroup }

        VARIATION        coldStart
            DESCRIPTION  "A coldStart trap is generated on all

    SUPPORTS             IF-MIB
        INCLUDES         { ifGeneralGroup, ifPacketGroup }

        VARIATION        ifAdminStatus
            SYNTAX       INTEGER { up(1), down(2) }
            DESCRIPTION  "Unable to set test mode on 4BSD"

        VARIATION        ifOperStatus
            SYNTAX       INTEGER { up(1), down(2) }
            DESCRIPTION  "Information limited on 4BSD"

    SUPPORTS             IP-MIB
        INCLUDES         { ipGroup, icmpGroup }

        VARIATION        ipDefaultTTL
            SYNTAX       INTEGER (255..255)
            DESCRIPTION  "Hard-wired on 4BSD"

        VARIATION        ipInAddrErrors
            ACCESS       not-implemented
            DESCRIPTION  "Information not available on 4BSD"

        VARIATION        ipNetToMediaEntry
            CREATION-REQUIRES { ipNetToMediaPhysAddress }
            DESCRIPTION  "Address mappings on 4BSD require
                         both protocol and media addresses"

    SUPPORTS             TCP-MIB
        INCLUDES         { tcpGroup }
        VARIATION        tcpConnState
            ACCESS       read-only
            DESCRIPTION  "Unable to set this on 4BSD"

    SUPPORTS             UDP-MIB
        INCLUDES         { udpGroup }

    SUPPORTS             EVAL-MIB
        INCLUDES         { functionsGroup, expressionsGroup }
        VARIATION        exprEntry
            CREATION-REQUIRES { evalString }
            DESCRIPTION "Conceptual row creation supported"

    ::= { acmeAgents 1 }

   According to this invocation, an agent with a sysORID value of

     { acmeAgents 1 }

supports six MIB modules.

From SNMPv2-MIB, five conformance groups are supported.

From IF-MIB, the ifGeneralGroup and ifPacketGroup groups are supported. However, the objects ifAdminStatus and ifOperStatus have a restricted syntax.

From IP-MIB, all objects in the ipGroup and icmpGroup are supported except ipInAddrErrors, while ipDefaultTTL has a restricted range, and when creating a new instance in the ipNetToMediaTable, the set- request must create an instance of atPhysAddress.

From TCP-MIB, the tcpGroup is supported except that tcpConnState is available only for reading.

From UDP-MIB, the udpGroup is fully supported.

From the EVAL-MIB, all the objects contained in the functionsGroup and expressionsGroup conformance groups are supported, without variation. In addition, creation of new instances in the expr table is supported.

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6.7. Usage Example