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2.2.1 RPCBIND Version 3

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2.2.1 RPCBIND Version 3

2.2.1 RPCBIND Version 3


When a program first becomes available on a machine, it registers itself with RPCBIND running on the same machine. The program passes its program number "r_prog", version number "r_vers", network identifier "r_netid", universal address "r_addr", and the owner of the service "r_owner". The procedure returns a boolean response whose value is TRUE if the procedure successfully established the mapping and FALSE otherwise. The procedure refuses to establish a mapping if one already exists for the ordered set ("r_prog", "r_vers", "r_netid"). Note that neither "r_netid" nor "r_addr" can be NULL, and that "r_netid" should be a valid network identifier on the machine making the call.


When a program becomes unavailable, it should unregister itself with the RPCBIND program on the same machine. The parameters and results have meanings identical to those of RPCBPROC_SET. The mapping of the ("r_prog", "r_vers", "r_netid") tuple with "r_addr" is deleted. If "r_netid" is NULL, all mappings specified by the ordered set ("r_prog", "r_vers", *) and the corresponding universal addresses are deleted. Only the owner of the service or the super-user is allowed to unset a service.


Given a program number "r_prog", version number "r_vers", and network identifier "r_netid", this procedure returns the universal address on which the program is awaiting call requests. The "r_netid" field of the argument is ignored and the "r_netid" is inferred from the network identifier of the transport on which the request came in.


This procedure lists all entries in RPCBIND's database. The procedure takes no parameters and returns a list of program, version, network identifier, and universal addresses.


This procedure allows a caller to call another remote procedure on the same machine without knowing the remote procedure's universal address. It is intended for supporting broadcasts to arbitrary remote programs via RPCBIND's universal address. The parameters "prog", "vers", "proc", and args are the program number, version number, procedure number, and parameters of the remote procedure.

Note - This procedure only sends a response if the procedure was successfully executed and is silent (no response) otherwise.

The procedure returns the remote program's universal address, and the results of the remote procedure.


This procedure returns the local time on its own machine in seconds since the midnight of the First day of January, 1970.


This procedure converts universal addresses to transport specific addresses.


This procedure converts transport specific addresses to universal addresses.

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2.2.1 RPCBIND Version 3