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DNS Parameters

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DNS Parameters

DNS Parameters


The Internet Domain Naming System (DOMAIN) includes several
parameters.  These are documented in [RFC1034] and [RFC1035].  The
CLASS parameter is listed here.  The per CLASS parameters are defined
in separate RFCs as indicated.

Domain System Class:

Decimal   Name                                          References
--------  ----                                          ----------
       0  Reserved                                          [IANA]
       1  Internet (IN)                      [RFC1034,Mockapetris]
       2  Unassigned                                        [IANA]
       3  Chaos (CH)                                 [Mockapetris]
       4  Hesiod (HS)                                [Mockapetris]
 5-65534  Unassigned                                        [IANA]
   65535  Reserved                                          [IANA]

In the Internet (IN) class the following TYPEs and QTYPEs are defined:

TYPE            value and meaning

A               1 a host address 			 [RFC1035]
NS              2 an authoritative name server		 [RFC1035]
MD              3 a mail destination (Obsolete - use MX) [RFC1035]
MF              4 a mail forwarder (Obsolete - use MX)	 [RFC1035]
CNAME           5 the canonical name for an alias	 [RFC1035]
SOA             6 marks the start of a zone of authority [RFC1035]
MB              7 a mailbox domain name (EXPERIMENTAL)	 [RFC1035]
MG              8 a mail group member (EXPERIMENTAL)	 [RFC1035]
MR              9 a mail rename domain name (EXPERIMENTAL)[RFC1035]
NULL            10 a null RR (EXPERIMENTAL)		 [RFC1035]
WKS             11 a well known service description	 [RFC1035]
PTR             12 a domain name pointer		 [RFC1035]
HINFO           13 host information			 [RFC1035]
MINFO           14 mailbox or mail list information	 [RFC1035]
MX              15 mail exchange			 [RFC1035]
TXT             16 text strings				 [RFC1035]

RP              17 for Responsible Person		 [RFC1183]
AFSDB           18 for AFS Data Base location	 	 [RFC1183]
X25             19 for X.25 PSDN address		 [RFC1183]
ISDN		20 for ISDN address			 [RFC1183]
RT              21 for Route Through			 [RFC1183]

NSAP		22 for NSAP address, NSAP style A record [RFC1706]
NSAP-PTR        23 

SIG             24 for security signature               [Eastlake]
KEY             25 for security key                     [Eastlake]

PX              26 X.400 mail mapping information        [RFC1664]

GPOS            27 Geographical Position                 [RFC1712]

AAAA            28 IP6 Address                           [Thomson]

LOC             29 Location Information                    [Vixie]

NXT             30 Next Domain                          [Eastlake]

EID             31 Endpoint Identifier                    [Patton]
NIMLOC          32 Nimrod Locator                         [Patton]

IXFR            251 incremental transfer                    [Ohta]
AXFR            252 transfer of an entire zone		 [RFC1035]
MAILB           253 mailbox-related RRs (MB, MG or MR)	 [RFC1035]
MAILA           254 mail agent RRs (Obsolete - see MX)	 [RFC1035]
*               255 A request for all records		 [RFC1035]

Domain System Operation Code:

OpCode   Name                                          References
------   ----                                          ----------
     0   Query                                          [RFC1035]
     1   IQuery                                         [RFC1035]
     2   Status                                         [RFC1035]
     3   reserved                                          [IANA]
     4   Notify                                           [Vixie]
     5   Update                                         [Thomson]


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DNS Parameters