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4. The Option Negotiation Automaton

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4. The Option Negotiation Automaton

4. The Option Negotiation Automaton

The finite-state automaton is defined by events, actions and state transitions. Events include reception of external commands such as Open and Close, expiration of the Restart timer, and reception of packets from a peer. Actions include the starting of the Restart timer and transmission of packets to the peer.

Some types of packets -- Configure-Naks and Configure-Rejects, or Code-Rejects and Protocol-Rejects, or Echo-Requests, Echo-Replies and Discard-Requests -- are not differentiated in the automaton descriptions. As will be described later, these packets do indeed serve different functions. However, they always cause the same transitions.

   Events                                   Actions

   Up   = lower layer is Up                 tlu = This-Layer-Up
   Down = lower layer is Down               tld = This-Layer-Down
   Open = administrative Open               tls = This-Layer-Started
   Close= administrative Close              tlf = This-Layer-Finished

   TO+  = Timeout with counter > 0          irc = Initialize-Restart-Count
   TO-  = Timeout with counter expired      zrc = Zero-Restart-Count

   RCR+ = Receive-Configure-Request (Good)  scr = Send-Configure-Request
   RCR- = Receive-Configure-Request (Bad)
   RCA  = Receive-Configure-Ack             sca = Send-Configure-Ack
   RCN  = Receive-Configure-Nak/Rej         scn = Send-Configure-Nak/Rej

   RTR  = Receive-Terminate-Request         str = Send-Terminate-Request
   RTA  = Receive-Terminate-Ack             sta = Send-Terminate-Ack

   RUC  = Receive-Unknown-Code              scj = Send-Code-Reject
   RXJ+ = Receive-Code-Reject (permitted)
       or Receive-Protocol-Reject
   RXJ- = Receive-Code-Reject (catastrophic)
       or Receive-Protocol-Reject
   RXR  = Receive-Echo-Request              ser = Send-Echo-Reply
       or Receive-Echo-Reply
       or Receive-Discard-Request

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4. The Option Negotiation Automaton