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3.14. Changes from RFC 1158

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3.14. Changes from RFC 1158

3.14. Changes from RFC 1158

Features of this MIB include:

  1. The managed objects in this document have been defined using the conventions defined in the Internet-standard SMI, as amended by the extensions specified in [14]. It must be emphasized that definitions made using these extensions are semantically identically to those in RFC 1158.

  2. The PhysAddress textual convention has been introduced to represent media addresses.

  3. The ACCESS clause of sysLocation is now read-write.

  4. The definition of sysServices has been clarified.

  5. New ifType values (29-32) have been defined. In addition, the textual-descriptor for the DS1 and E1 interface types has been corrected.

  6. The definition of ipForwarding has been clarified.

  7. The definition of ipRouteType has been clarified.

  8. The ipRouteMetric5 and ipRouteInfo objects have been defined.

  9. The ACCESS clause of tcpConnState is now read-write, to support deletion of the TCB associated with a TCP connection. The definition of this object has been clarified to explain this usage.

  10. The definition of egpNeighEventTrigger has been clarified.

  11. The definition of several of the variables in the new snmp group have been clarified. In addition, the snmpInBadTypes and snmpOutReadOnlys objects are no longer present. (However, the object identifiers associated with those objects are reserved to prevent future use.)

  12. The definition of snmpInReadOnlys has been clarified.

  13. The textual descriptor of the snmpEnableAuthTraps has been changed to snmpEnableAuthenTraps, and the definition has been clarified.

  14. The ipRoutingDiscards object was added.

  15. The optional use of an implementation-dependent, small positive integer was disallowed when identifying instances of the IP address and routing tables.

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3.14. Changes from RFC 1158