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4.1.6. The Trap-PDU

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4.1.6. The Trap-PDU

4.1.6. The Trap-PDU

The form of the Trap-PDU is:

     Trap-PDU ::=

              IMPLICIT SEQUENCE {
                 enterprise          -- type of object generating
                                     -- trap, see sysObjectID in [5]
                     OBJECT IDENTIFIER,

                 agent-addr          -- address of object generating
                     NetworkAddress, -- trap

                 generic-trap        -- generic trap type
                     INTEGER {

                 specific-trap     -- specific code, present even
                     INTEGER,      -- if generic-trap is not
                                   -- enterpriseSpecific

                 time-stamp        -- time elapsed between the last
                   TimeTicks,      -- (re)initialization of the network
                                   -- entity and the generation of the

                 variable-bindings   -- "interesting" information

The Trap-PDU is generated by a protocol entity only at the request of the SNMP application entity. The means by which an SNMP application entity selects the destination addresses of the SNMP application entities is implementation-specific.

Upon receipt of the Trap-PDU, the receiving protocol entity presents its contents to its SNMP application entity.

The significance of the variable-bindings component of the Trap-PDU is implementation-specific.

Interpretations of the value of the generic-trap field are:

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4.1.6. The Trap-PDU